Area Editor CMS




Let me say up front that your web pages must reside on my VirtualQuickServe* account at Pair Networks. The benefits are many and I invite you to click the "pair" links to find out why I host all my clients there.

* and all our clients are hosted on an independent server that is not shared by any other web designer/hosting company for the best security and most efficient usage.

But, most importantly, the pricing for our CMS (Content Management System) is set low because:

  • We spread the cost over monthly payments for this service (included in your bill);
  • It makes it possible for us to install, monitor and give hands on assistance;
  • We are an email, fax or phone call away to solve problems.

I invite you to do a google search for other web design companies providing similar services. There is at least one I've seen whose installation price tag is between $6-8,000.00!

Our system is designed to appeal to those who can not afford  such a 'super system' nor can afford their own Webmaster, but indeed would like to manage their own site content at an affordable rate.


Monthly Hosting Pricing:

In addition to the one-time installation fee (normally $300) CMS feature, our clients pay a very competitive price for their web site monthly fee. As you might expect, pricing is according to size and complexity, but generally prices average around $60 per month (for up to 8 pages), some less and some a bit more ($80/mo for 12 pages), both with secure inquiry email form.

We do recommend that you use our email page here for us to respond with a more definitive cost. Let us know a little about what your site will entail along with the URL if you already have one.


CMS Feature Pricing:

Pricing will vary somewhat depending upon whether you want an existing site reworked or a completely new installation.


New Installations:

You can get started for as little as $300 (one time fee) with a new site that includes all the basics, i.e. domain registration/transfer (first year), spam filtered email and the Area Editor CMS installation, allowing you to design* your web page(s).

*See the design page for how easy this is.


Reworking a site:

We can rework an existing site a page at a time or set you up with a template to suit your web site 'look and feel' so that you can very quickly create new pages or revise the old pages. The above one time fee ($300) can cover 'jump-starting' up to about 10 pages. A search engine friendly page to describe a summary of all pages is included.

*See the design page for more details.



We invite you to investigate other CMS systems. We are not afraid of the competition because they mostly require:
  1. More of your time;
  2. More of your money.

To back up our claim, you will see Google Ads on the left for your research.

Thanks for reading this far. Have fun trying our demo.

Tha..tha...tha....that's all folks!